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Terraform Install: Recommended Way

August 12, 2022
We'll show how to install terraform. Terraform Install Docs: https://learn.hashicorp.com/tutorials/terraform/install-cli tfenv: https://github.com/tfutils/tfenv
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AWS CloudFormation High-Level Introduction

August 3, 2022
In this introduction we'll talk about what CloudFormation is at a high-level. Note, video is more theoretical than practical hands-on like most other videos. It's quite useful though for those who are just getting started. We'll provide backgroun...

Terraform templatefile vs template_file: Which One To Use

August 3, 2022
Covers the 2 similarly named templatefile vs template_file and walks through a demo of both. Summary template_file is a data source. No longer recommended by Hashicorp. templatefile is a built-in function. More powerful and cleaner syntax. Use...
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Terraform AWS EC2 Instance: Plan, Apply, Destroy

July 26, 2022
We'll cover how to create a simple EC2 instance resource throughly. We'll go through the commands: terraform init terraform plan terraform apply terraform destroy More importantly, we'll cover the difference between an update-in-place vs an apply...
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Terraform S3 Backend: How To Configure Tutorial

July 26, 2022
We'll show how to configure an terraform s3 backend. We'll do a deep dive and inspect what terraform is actually creating in the dynamodb tables and s3 bucket. We'll also talk a little bit about the naming convention for bucket and key path. Git...

Terraform Intro: What is Terraform?

July 24, 2022
We'll explain what Terraform is. For context, we'll provide a high level overview of: Infrastructure Orchestration Space: Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Google Deployment Manager Configuration Management Space: Chef, Salt HCL...

Terraspace Cost Estimation: A Few Examples with $1,287/mo EC2 Example and Different EKS Clusters

July 22, 2022
We'll review the Terraspace Cost Estimation instructions and then do something fun. We'll see what some of the example modules from the Terraform Registry costs. The cost estimates 🤣 ec2: $8.39/mo complete ec2 example: $1,287/mo 😱 ecs-spot: $141...

Terraspace Getting Started with Google Cloud

January 9, 2022
We'll go through the Getting Started guide with Google Cloud. We’ll go through the Getting Started guide with Google Cloud. We'll create a GCS bucket and delete it with Terraspace and Terraform. Links: Terraspace Docs: Google Cloud Getting Star...

Terraspace Getting Started with Azure Cloud

January 9, 2022
We'll go through the Getting Started guide with Azure Cloud. It we'll create an Azure storage account, update it, and destroy it. Links: Terraspace Docs: Azure Cloud Getting Started

Terraspace Getting Started with AWS

January 9, 2022
We’ll go through the Terraspace Getting Started guide with AWS. We'll generate a new Terraspace project with an s3 bucket example. Deploy it, updated it, and learn how Terraspace works. Links: Terraspace Docs: AWS Getting Started

Terraspace v1 Release

January 8, 2022
Terraspace v1 has been released. I'll cover the Terraspace v1 release highlights. Talk about how the new features work. Will also lightly cover some of the hoops that had jumped through to implement them. 🤣 Highlights Non-cloud provider suppo...

EKS: Self-Managed Nodes vs Managed Node Group vs AWS Fargate

January 6, 2022
We'll cover the different EKS Nodes and what they mean. Essentially, EKS manages Kubernetes-as-a-Service but this mainly means the Kubernetes control plane. You still need to provide compute nodes to your EKS cluster so they have the capacity to ...

Terraspace Secrets with AWS: Don’t Commit Secrets into Git, Instead Use SSM and Secrets Manager

January 4, 2022
Committing secrets into your source version control is not a good practice. We'll show you how to use AWS SecretsManager and SSM Parameter Store to store and use secrets safely instead. Commands In the video, to focus on learning, we mainly use ...
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Terragrunt to Terraspace: The Migration Concepts

December 17, 2021
Covers essential concepts you'll need to know if you're considering going to Terraspace from Terragrunt. Understanding these concepts is the key to helping you migrate. Links: Terraspace Docs: Terraspace vs Terragrunt Community post: Migrating ...

Terragrunt to Terraspace: The Step by Step Migration Guide

December 14, 2021
We'll take you through a full migration of a simple Terragrunt project to a Terraspace project. You'll be able to run terragrunt apply and terraspace up and see no changes. This allows you to test things out incrementally. This unique approach o...

The Best Terraform Statefile Approach Recommendation

December 14, 2021
Explain why think the best Terraform state file approach is a stack-env scoped approach. We'll go over the evolution process, IE: pain and suffering, that folks usually go through before arriving at the same conclusions. This approach is actually...

Terraspace Azure MySQL Database with azurerm_mysql_server Terraform Resource

November 29, 2021
We'll build an Azure MySQL Database with Terraspace and the azurerm_mysql_server Terraform resource. We'll build the project from scratch. Links: Terraform Docs: azurerm_mysql_server Github Repo: boltops-learn/terraspace-azure-mysql-database
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Terraspace Azure Linux Virtual Machine with the Terraform Registry Module

November 29, 2021
We'll build an Azure Linux Virtual Machine with a module from the Terraform Registry. Links: Terraform Registry Module: boltops-tools/linux-virtual-machine Github Repo: boltops-tools/terraform-azure-linux-virtual-machine
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Terraspace Azure Network with the Terraform Registry Module

November 28, 2021
We'll build an Azure Network with a module from the Terraform Registry. Links: Terraform Registry Module: boltops-tools/network Github Repo: boltops-tools/terraform-azure-network
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Terraspace Google Managed Instance Group with the Terraform Registry Module

November 26, 2021
We'll build a Google Managed Instance Group with the Terraform Registry module. One of the few times, where couldn't find a good module on the registry so rolled my own for the demo. Links: Terraform Registry Module: boltops-tools/instance-grou...

Terraform Registry EKS Module Code Review and Summary

November 20, 2021
We'll review and quickly figure out what the Terraform Registry EKS module creates by using grep. Useful greps grep '^resource' modules/fargate/*.tf grep '^resource' modules/node_groups/*.tf grep '^resource' *.tf grep '^module "' *.tf Links: T...
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Terraspace Google Network with the Terraform Registry Module

November 16, 2021
We'll build a Google Network with the popular Terraform Network Module Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-google-network-registry
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Terraspace: Google Network with google_compute_network Terraform Resource

November 16, 2021
We'll build a Google Network with basic terraform resource components. Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-google-network terraform google_compute_network terraform google_compute_subnetwork terraform google_compute_router_nat

Terraform Registry: Navigating and Module Structure

October 2, 2021
We'll learn about the Terraform Registry and show you how to navigate through it. We'll also cover basic module structure. Links: Terraspace Registry
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Terrafile Introduction: Centrally Manage Terraform Modules

August 25, 2021
We'll cover the introductory concepts for the Terraspace Terrafile. The Terrafile approach simplifies managing Terraform module versions. The advantage of using a Terrafile is centralization. You centrally define, manage, and update modules. No ...

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