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Rails Jobs Multiple SQS Queues and AWS Lambda with Jets

June 2, 2024
We'll show you how to create multiple SQS Queues and dedicated Lambda functions with Jets in this video. It's just one line of configuration. config/jets/deploy.rb Jets.deploy.configure do config.job.enable = true config.job.additional_queues...

Rails ActiveJob on AWS Lambda and SQS Queue with Jets

June 1, 2024
We'll demo how Jets Jobs work. They are just Rails Jobs with a jets_job queue adapter. Except, all the resources to handle processing are serverless resources: SQS Queue and Lambda Functions. This removes the need for a daemon listening process an...

Rails API on AWS Lambda with Jets

June 1, 2024
We'll create a Rails API app from scratch and deploy it to Serverless AWS Lambda with Jets.

Serverless Rails on AWS Lambda with Jets

May 26, 2024
We'll go through the Jets Learn Guide with Rails. It makes running Rails on AWS Lambda easy. https://docs.rubyonjets.com/docs/learn/rails/

How AWS Lambda Scaling Works: jets concurrency

May 26, 2024
We'll explain how AWS Lambda scaling works. Lambda calls it reserved and provisioned concurrency. Learn about their differences. And learn these jets commands that make it easy to test different concurrency settings jets concurrency:info jets conc...

REPL on AWS Lambda jets exec

May 26, 2024
Showing you one of my favorite commands: jets exec It's a REPL console that you can use to debug the AWS Lambda environment. You can run bash commands to explore and see how Lambda works.

Getting Started HTML Project with Ruby on Jets

January 3, 2024
We'll go through the Jets Getting Started Learn Guide with a HTML Jets Project. We'll build a Jets project. Test it locally Deploy it to AWS Lambda Test it on AWS Lambda Clean up and delete it all, back to a clean slate.

Getting Started Job Project with Ruby on Jets

January 2, 2024
We'll go through the Jets Getting Started Learn Guide with a Job Jets Project. We'll build a Jets project. Test it locally Deploy it to AWS Lambda Test it on AWS Lambda Clean up and delete it all, back to a clean slate. Jets can be used to run...

Getting Started API Project with Ruby on Jets

January 2, 2024
We'll go through the Jets Getting Started Learn Guide with a API Jets Project. We'll build a Jets project. Test it locally Deploy it to AWS Lambda Test it on AWS Lambda Clean up and delete it all, back to a clean slate. Jets can be use to buil...

AWS CloudFormation Resources

August 4, 2022
We'll introduce the resources section of CloudFormation template. This is the only required section and hence is a good starting point. We'll create a security group because: required: At least one actual resource is required by CloudFormation. ...
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AWS CloudFormation Intro: Console Tutorial

August 3, 2022
We'll provide a general introduction with the AWS CloudFormation management console. This is a great way to get started learning how to use CloudFormation. It's also a good refresher for those who already know CloudFormation. Links https://docs...
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AWS CloudFormation High-Level Introduction

August 3, 2022
In this introduction we'll talk about what CloudFormation is at a high-level. Note, video is more theoretical than practical hands-on like most other videos. It's quite useful though for those who are just getting started. We'll provide backgroun...

Terraform AWS EC2 Instance: Plan, Apply, Destroy

July 26, 2022
We'll cover how to create a simple EC2 instance resource throughly. We'll go through the commands: terraform init terraform plan terraform apply terraform destroy More importantly, we'll cover the difference between an update-in-place vs an apply...
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Terraform S3 Backend: How To Configure Tutorial

July 26, 2022
We'll show how to configure an terraform s3 backend. We'll do a deep dive and inspect what terraform is actually creating in the dynamodb tables and s3 bucket. We'll also talk a little bit about the naming convention for bucket and key path. Git...

Terraspace Cost Estimation: A Few Examples with $1,287/mo EC2 Example and Different EKS Clusters

July 22, 2022
We'll review the Terraspace Cost Estimation instructions and then do something fun. We'll see what some of the example modules from the Terraform Registry costs. The cost estimates 🤣 ec2: $8.39/mo complete ec2 example: $1,287/mo 😱 ecs-spot: $141...

Azure MySQL Flexible vs Single Server Offerings: Flexible Basically Provides HA Option

February 4, 2022
We'll cover the difference between the Azure MySQL Flexible vs Single Server offerings. The Flexible Server is similar to AWS RDS Multi-AZ. So it provides a failover standby for High Availability, HA. Though it may remind AWS users of Aurora, it...

Account Structure Hierarchies AWS vs Azure vs Google

January 27, 2022
We'll cover the different ways and names that cloud providers use to organize the account structure.

AWS CloudShell Introduction

January 24, 2022
Will show a quick demo of the AWS Cloud Shell. It's a nice way to do things on the go when you don't have your computer on hand. All you need is a web browser. Some useful commands to help explore the Cloud Shell: aws s3 ls cat /etc/os-release

AWS Cloud9 IDE Editor Demo and Why I Currently Use It

January 13, 2022
Will cover the reasons why am using Cloud9 as my current IDE. Will also provide a demo of how to create a Cloud9 machine, going through and showing the resources AWS that launches. Pros: Internet Speed: This is the number one reason why I used ...

Terraspace Getting Started with AWS

January 9, 2022
We’ll go through the Terraspace Getting Started guide with AWS. We'll generate a new Terraspace project with an s3 bucket example. Deploy it, updated it, and learn how Terraspace works. Links: Terraspace Docs: AWS Getting Started

EKS: Self-Managed Nodes vs Managed Node Group vs AWS Fargate

January 6, 2022
We'll cover the different EKS Nodes and what they mean. Essentially, EKS manages Kubernetes-as-a-Service but this mainly means the Kubernetes control plane. You still need to provide compute nodes to your EKS cluster so they have the capacity to ...

AWS Configuring the CLI Credentials: Setup .aws/config Instructions

January 4, 2022
We'll show you how to configure the AWS CLI credentials. We'll create actual IAM users and set them up as named profiles in the ~/.aws/credentials and ~/.aws/config files. Links: Configuration settings and precedence Named profiles for the AWS ...

Terraspace Secrets with AWS: Don’t Commit Secrets into Git, Instead Use SSM and Secrets Manager

January 4, 2022
Committing secrets into your source version control is not a good practice. We'll show you how to use AWS SecretsManager and SSM Parameter Store to store and use secrets safely instead. Commands In the video, to focus on learning, we mainly use ...
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Different Ways to Launch AWS EC2 Spot Instances

December 25, 2021
We'll provide a high-level overview of the different ways to launch AWS EC2 spot instances. We'll talk about their different complexity levels and age in existence. The 3 different ways: EC2 Instances Spot Fleets AutoScaling Groups The recomme...

AWS How To Add Shortcut Console Links to the Menu

December 20, 2021
Short video shows you how to add shortcut links to the top of the AWS navigation. Makes it easy to just get to your most used AWS consoles in a single click.

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