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AWS CloudFormation Resources

August 4, 2022
We'll introduce the **resources** section of CloudFormation template. This is the only required section and hence is a good starting point. We'll create a security group because: 1. **required**: At least one actual resource is required by Clou...
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AWS CloudFormation Intro: Console Tutorial

August 3, 2022
We'll provide a general introduction with the AWS CloudFormation management console. This is a great way to get started learning how to use CloudFormation. It's also a good refresher for those who already know CloudFormation. ## Links * http...
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AWS CloudFormation High-Level Introduction

August 3, 2022
In this introduction we'll talk about what CloudFormation is at a high-level. Note, video is more theoretical than practical hands-on like most other videos. It's quite useful though for those who are just getting started. We'll provide backgro...

Terraform Intro: What is Terraform?

July 24, 2022
We'll explain what Terraform is. For context, we'll provide a high level overview of: * Infrastructure Orchestration Space: Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Google Deployment Manager * Configuration Management Space: Chef, Sa...

EKS Managed Nodes Cluster with eksctl

October 9, 2021
We'll walk through creating an EKS cluster with the eksctl tool. We'll create a EKS powered by Managed Nodes. To help learn about the eksctl tool and we'll explore and review what gets created: 1. CloudFormation Stacks 2. VPC Network 3. EK...
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CloudFormation Template and jq Tips Summarize Resources

September 17, 2017
AWS CloudFormation Templates and `jq` Tips. In this video, I'll show you how to use `jq` to quickly summarize what resources are defined in a CloudFormation template. I found this to be useful to help understand how a CloudFormation template work...

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