About BoltOps Learn

I started BoltOps Learn as a way to figure out how to support the Open Source tools I’ve written. Found the videos so helpful that I begin watching them myself to help refresh my memory in areas.

I’m a builder and learn by doing. Think this is the best way for most people to learn. The videos are extremely hands-on. Since I’ve coded on both the Application Development and the Infrastructure Operation side of things, it has provided me a unique perspective of what works well. A friend once mentioned, “Think you’ve worked so hard, long, and built so many tools that you somehow manage to internalize how things should work”.

If you hang out long enough, you’ll see the patterns in the videos and tools. The videos are about getting the knowledge you need for the job in the real-world.

About Me

Tung Nguyen

From humble beginnings as the first hire for a small sports site in 2007. I built and grew an engineering team to 35 engineers. Eventually, became the Vice President of Engineering of the 2nd largest sports site in the world, larger than Yahoo Sports. I’ve also been use-case speaker in the early days of Docker at the DockerCon 2014 keynote. I’ve been also recognized as an AWS Container Hero.

Ultimately, I’m a developer at heart. I’m passionate about DevOps and am the author of many open source tools.


Not only do I teach about Cloud Infrastructure, I actually build tools in the DevOps space. Here are a few.


The Terraform Framework


Kubernetes Deployment Tool


The Ruby Serverless Framework


The CloudFormation Framework


AWS ECS docker deployment tool


AWS CodeBuild management tool

Pipe Dream

AWS CodePipeline management tool

BoltOps Tools