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AWS Cloud9 IDE Editor Demo and Why I Currently Use It

January 13, 2022
Will cover the reasons why am using Cloud9 as my current IDE. Will also provide a demo of how to create a Cloud9 machine, going through and showing the resources AWS that launches. **Pros:** * Internet Speed: This is the number one reason wh...

Different Ways to Launch AWS EC2 Spot Instances

December 25, 2021
We'll provide a high-level overview of the different ways to launch AWS EC2 spot instances. We'll talk about their different complexity levels and age in existence. The 3 different ways: 1. EC2 Instances 2. Spot Fleets 3. AutoScaling Groups ...

AWS Launch Templates Pros vs Cons and Theory vs Practice

December 15, 2021
We'll introduce AWS Launch Templates and explain what they do. More importantly, we'll talk about the Theory vs Practice of using Launch Templates. How to actually use them in practice. What Settings Can We Change at Launch Time? Launch Temp...

AWS Spot Instance with the EC2 Console

December 13, 2021
We'll show you how to launch a spot EC2 instance. There are different Spot Request Types. We'll also review and explain them. Request Type | Persistence ---|--- instance | one-time instance | persistent fleet | request fleet | maintain
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How to Find Current AWS EC2 Spot Market Prices

December 13, 2021
We'll show you how to find current AWS EC2 Instance spot prices. There are several ways, we'll go through 6 of them! Links: * Blog Post: [How to Find the Current AWS EC2 Spot Market Price](https://blog.boltops.com/2018/07/17/how-to-find-the-...

EKS Managed Nodes Cluster with eksctl

October 9, 2021
We'll walk through creating an EKS cluster with the eksctl tool. We'll create a EKS powered by Managed Nodes. To help learn about the eksctl tool and we'll explore and review what gets created: 1. CloudFormation Stacks 2. VPC Network 3. EK...
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