AWS Cloud9 IDE Editor Demo and Why I Currently Use It

January 13, 2022

Will cover the reasons why am using Cloud9 as my current IDE. Will also provide a demo of how to create a Cloud9 machine, going through and showing the resources AWS that launches.


  • Internet Speed: This is the number one reason why I used cloud9
  • Mobility: Ability to use the editor on any computer in the world if needed.


  • Cost: It's cost money to run the EC2 instance and more importantly storage. If running 8 hours a day. t2.micro 1GB 1CPU $2.80/mo, m5.large 8GB 2CPU $23/mo. There's also the cost of the EBS volume. For a 20GB SSD volume that's $10/mo, for a 20GB Magnetic volume that's $5/mo. Note: Prices may change.
  • Quirky: Sometimes the IDE can be quirky or buggy. So you have to refresh the browser.

Everyone's editor of choice will be different and that is fine! Though I now use cloud9, it definitely took me a while to get used and actually do not think everyone will like it. People are usually very much attached to their editors. Thanks!

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