Terraspace Secrets with AWS

Terraspace Secrets with AWS

January 4, 2022

Committing secrets into your source version control is not a good practice. We'll show you how to use AWS SecretsManager and SSM Parameter Store to store and use secrets safely instead.


In the video, to focus on learning, we mainly use the AWS Console to create the secrets. Once you get used to it, here are some useful CLI commands:

aws secretsmanager create-secret --name demo-dev-user --secret-string bob
aws secretsmanager create-secret --name demo-dev-pass --secret-string secret
aws secretsmanager list-secrets
aws secretsmanager get-secret-value --secret-id demo-dev-user
aws secretsmanager get-secret-value --secret-id demo-dev-pass
aws secretsmanager delete-secret --force-delete-without-recovery --secret-id demo-dev-user
aws secretsmanager delete-secret --force-delete-without-recovery --secret-id demo-dev-bob


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