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Google Network with the Console and Design Thoughts

December 19, 2021
We'll build a VPC Network with the Google Console. Will explain a lot of reasoning in why think a simple Google Network design will work for a lot of cases. Will address questions folks who are from the AWS world might be wondering about.

Google Default Network: How to Recreate Default Network

December 18, 2021
We'll show you how to recreate the default Google VPC Network if you've accidentally deleted it.

Google Network Fundamentals: AWS vs Google

December 18, 2021
We'll cover how Google Networks work. They are global. We'll compare them to AWS VPCs to help emphasize how they are global instead of regional, which are what most people are used to when thinking about Virtual Networks.

Google Managed Instance Group and Load Balancer with the Console

December 18, 2021
We'll build a Google Managed Instance and Load Balancer with the console. There are a few components that we'll build: * Instance Template * Managed Instance Group * Firewall Rule * Load Balancer We'll cover some naming conventions and e...

Terraform HCL Nested Loops

December 17, 2021
We'll take on nested loops with Terraform. Terraform is declarative, so a nested loop can be tricky. Links: * Blog Post: [Terraform HCL Intro 6: Nested Loops](https://blog.boltops.com/2020/10/06/terraform-hcl-nested-loops) * GitHub: [boltop...

Terragrunt to Terraspace: The Migration Concepts

December 17, 2021
Covers essential concepts you'll need to know if you're considering going to Terraspace from Terragrunt. Understanding these concepts is the key to helping you migrate. Links: * Terraspace Docs: [Terraspace vs Terragrunt](https://terraspace....

Google Instance Template and a Single Instance with the Console

December 17, 2021
We'll show you how to use Google Instance Templates. Instance Templates allow you to pre-configure settings for a VM. So you don't have to go through steps the VM console repeatedly, you can just launch the VM from the Instance Template. We'll al...

AWS AutoScaling Group with ELB: Popular Stack with Traditional VMs

December 17, 2021
Show you how to build an AutoScaling Group with an ELB. We'll create a Launch Template, Security Group, Application Load Balancer, and AutoScaling Group with Multiple Instance Types. We'll cover many details of each of the settings. Will also prov...

Google Virtual Machine with the Console

December 17, 2021
We'll build a Google VM with the Console. This is a great way to get started and learn how Virtual Machines work with Google Cloud. We'll cover how the startup script works with the VM. The startup script can be used to install your own custom sof...

Google MySQL CloudSQL Database with the Console

December 17, 2021
We'll create a MySQL Database Server that's managed by Google Cloud. We'll actually connect to the database confirm it's working. We'll use both: gcloud sql connect XXX As well as mysql -uroot -hXXX

AWS VPC Fundamentals: CIDR Ranges, Subnets, Route Tables, IGW, NAT, Network ACL, Security Groups

December 16, 2021
We'll explain how AWS VPCs work and cover their fundamental building components. The VPC is a highly available design. This is essential if you need to build VPCs. It's also very useful when you need to debug VPC networks. We'll cover: * CIDR r...

AWS AutoScaling Group and ELB: Repeat of Lesson with More Debugging

December 16, 2021
We'll create an AWS AutoScaling Group with an ELB. In this longer video, we'll show some common mistakes and how to debug and errors along the way :) We'll also show you how to further harden the security of the setup by only whitelisting the `dem...

AWS AutoScaling Spot Mixed Instance Types: Newer Way to Launch Instances

December 16, 2021
We'll build an AutoScaling Group with Mixed Instance Types. This allows you to use a combination of on-demand and spot instances. As a part of this, we'll define a Launch Template, since Mixed Instance Types are only supported with Launch Template...

AWS Launch Templates and a Single Instance with the Console: Useful to Avoid Manual Repetition

December 16, 2021
We'll introduce AWS Launch Templates. They can be used to launch an EC2 Instance, AutoScaling Group, or Spot Fleets. In this video, we'll create a single EC2 instance.

AWS Launch Templates Pros vs Cons and Theory vs Practice: How to Use Them in the Real World

December 15, 2021
We'll introduce AWS Launch Templates and explain what they do. More importantly, we'll talk about the Theory vs Practice of using Launch Templates. How to actually use them in practice. What Settings Can We Change at Launch Time? Launch Temp...

Terragrunt to Terraspace: The Step by Step Migration Guide

December 14, 2021
We'll take you through a full migration of a simple Terragrunt project to a Terraspace project. You'll be able to run `terragrunt apply` and `terraspace up` and see no changes. This allows you to test things out incrementally. This unique appr...

The Best Terraform Statefile Approach Recommendation

December 14, 2021
Explain why think the best Terraform state file approach is a stack-env scoped approach. We'll go over the evolution process, IE: pain and suffering, that folks usually go through before arriving at the same conclusions. This approach is actual...

AWS RDS MySQL Database with the Console: Review RDS Settings and Good Naming Conventions

December 14, 2021
We'll build an RDS MySQL database with the Console. We'll cover the settings that you can configure with the RDS database and what they mean. As a bonuses, we'll some guidelines on DB naming conventions also. We'll confirm the DB is working by con...

AWS EC2 Instance with the Console: Manually Creating is a Great Way to Learn How Things Work

December 14, 2021
We'll build an EC2 instance with the AWS Console. We'll cover the common settings that you can configure the EC2 instance with. We'll also cover the user data script and show you how to can customize the EC2 instance when the instance is first lau...

AWS VPC with the Console: Manually Creating a Highly Available Redundant Network

December 14, 2021
We'll build highly available VPC containing multiple AZs with the AWS console. This design follows baseline best practices and ensures that your DB can failover to different availability zone in the event of an outage.

AWS EKS vs Azure AKS vs Google GKE

December 13, 2021
We'll cover the 3 different Kubernetes offerings from AWS, Azure and Google. We'll walk through each of their consoles, website interfaces, and explore how they work and compare. Repos used to create the 3 different clusters: * https://githu...

Azure Spot VM with the Portal

December 13, 2021
We'll create an Azure Spot Virtual Machine wth the Portal. Azure's Spot offering is different in that you'll need larger instance sizes for spot. We'll show you in the demo.

Google Preemptive VM or Spot Instance with the VM Console

December 13, 2021
We'll create a Google Preemptive VM, IE: Spot Instance. We’ll use the Google Console and review the price difference. You'll show you how much you can save.

AWS Spot Instance with the EC2 Console

December 13, 2021
We'll show you how to launch a spot EC2 instance. There are different Spot Request Types. We'll also review and explain them. Request Type | Persistence ---|--- instance | one-time instance | persistent fleet | request fleet | maintain
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AWS Spot Fleet with the EC2 Console

December 13, 2021
We'll create a Spot Fleet with the EC2 console. Spot fleets are very powerful. They create multiple EC2 instances and manage them. There are different Spot Request Types. We'll also review and explain them. Request Type | Persistence ---|-...

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