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Java Tomcat Demo App

August 16, 2022
We'll walk through a tomcat demo app. We'll show how tomcat handles deployment. All you have to do is copy the war file into the webapps folder and tomcat will automatically expand it and reload the server. We'll also explain the tomcat exampl...
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Docker Intro: Essential Commands Crash Course

July 26, 2022
We'll cover the common docker commands. These are good to learn when you first get started with Docker. It's also a great refresher if you're already experienced with Docker. Lifecycle Commands docker run # starts a new container docker ps ...
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Terraspace v1 Release

January 8, 2022
Terraspace v1 has been released. I'll cover the Terraspace v1 release highlights. Talk about how the new features work. Will also lightly cover some of the hoops that had jumped through to implement them. 🤣 Highlights Non-cloud provider suppo...

Docker Compose with Django

December 25, 2021
We'll build a Django project from scratch and get it working locally first. Then we'll Dockerize and get it working with docker-compose.yml. Found this is more useful and the typical steps folks take to setting up Docker Compose. Docker Compose ...

Docker Compose with Rails

December 25, 2021
We'll show you how to set up Docker Compose with Rails. We'll take a very practical approach by starting from scratch. We'll build a simple Rails app, get it working locally, and then get it working with docker compose. We'll configure things so t...

Docker Run vs Start Commands

December 24, 2021
We'll cover the difference between the docker run and docker start commands. You'll mostly use the docker run command when working with docker. Note: Unless you're working with docker-compose, then it's a lot more common to use the start commands.

Docker Use Another User Aside From root

December 24, 2021
We'll show you how to use another user in your docker container aside from root. Though this is considered a best practice, can understand why most just stick to the root user. Because it's an additional step you must take. Will show you those st...

Docker Favorite Debugging Tip loop.sh

December 21, 2021
We'll show you one of my favorite Docker debugging tips. It's especially helpful when you're trying to get the docker running for the first time on Kubernetes or ECS. Note: You can also run "sleep infinity" CMD ["sleep", "infinity"] Links: bo...

Docker Volumes Tutorial: How They Work

December 21, 2021
We'll show you how Docker volumes work. They allow you to mount a directory from your machine to the docker container. This is cool because any changes to files you make on your machine get immediately reflected within the docker container. We'll ...

Docker Networks Tutorial: How They Work

December 21, 2021
We'll cover Docker networks and show you how they work. Generally, you won't have to deal too much with Docker networks as they get handled by the orchestration software, IE: Kubernetes and ECS. We'll cover them anyway so you can understand how th...

Docker inspect Command Tutorial

December 21, 2021
We'll cover the docker inspect command. It's a useful command to figure out information about the running docker container, especially if you don't have the Dockerfile used to the build the Docker image handy. Commands: docker run --rm -P -d bolt...
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Docker cp Command Tutorial

December 21, 2021
We'll cover the docker cp command. We'll copy a file from your computer a running docker container and vice-versa.

Terraspace Docker Installation

December 6, 2021
In this "Getting Started with Terraspace and Docker" video, we'll show you to use Terraspace within a Docker container. This provides you an isolated environment to try out Terraspace. Links: Terraspace Docs: Docker Install

Kaniko Getting Started Tutorial Demo

November 15, 2021
Shows you how to use kaniko to build docker images in a Kubernetes cluster. Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/kaniko-tutorial-demo GitHub: GoogleContainerTools/kaniko tutorial.md

Docker vs Kubernetes: High Level Intro

October 6, 2021
Learn about how Docker and Kubernetes are in pretty different spaces. Docker is a container platform. Kubernetes is an orchestration platform that makes use of Docker.

Introducing Kubes: Kubernetes App Deploy Tool

August 23, 2020
Introduces Kubes and provide a quick demo. Kubes is a Kubernetes Deployment Tool that focuses on deploying your specific app. It automates the deployment process and saves you precious finger-typing energy. It will: builds the docker image creat...

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