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Terraform AWS Data Sources

August 2, 2022
We'll cover Terraform Data Sources. Particularly two useful examples to help get started: `aws_ami` and `aws_vpc`. ## Terraform Data Sources Links * https://www.terraform.io/language/data-sources * https://registry.terraform.io/providers/ha...

Terraform AWS Webserver: Configure EC2 Instance UserData and SSH Debugging

August 2, 2022
We'll show you now to create an AWS EC2 Instance with Terraform and write UserData script that will configure the instance at launch. We're combing knowledge we've learned from in other lessons: creating an instance and security group. And making...

Terraspace AWS Security Group: Create Tutorial

August 2, 2022
We'll cover how to create an AWS Security Group with Terraform. Though this might seem like a simple example, it's very useful to learn AWS because: 1. It's quick to create a security group 2. It's free 3. It'll be useful for other videos ...

Docker Intro: Essential Commands Crash Course

July 26, 2022
We'll cover the common docker commands. These are good to learn when you first get started with Docker. It's also a great refresher if you're already experienced with Docker. ## Lifecycle Commands docker run # starts a new container ...
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Terraform AWS EC2 Instance: Plan, Apply, Destroy

July 26, 2022
We'll cover how to create a simple EC2 instance resource throughly. We'll go through the commands: terraform init terraform plan terraform apply terraform destroy More importantly, we'll cover the difference between an upd...
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Terraform S3 Backend: How To Configure Tutorial

July 26, 2022
We'll show how to configure an terraform s3 backend. We'll do a deep dive and inspect what terraform is actually creating in the dynamodb tables and s3 bucket. We'll also talk a little bit about the naming convention for bucket and key path. * ...

Terraform Workspaces: Why They're Not Recommended

July 26, 2022
We'll cover Terraform Workspaces. We'll go through a demo with them. I explain why I generally don't use them. Mainly, because it doesn't isolate the backend from dev and prod. Instead, creating a separate backend with a separate bucket for dev an...

Terraform State: What is the Statefile and Why It’s Needed

July 24, 2022
Terraform state is an essential topic. We'll explain what the statefile is and why Terraform requires it. We'll introduce different backends and provide an high-level overview. * [Terraform State Overview Docs](https://www.terraform.io/languag...

Terraform Local Backend Statefile Deep Dive: What’s Actually in the Statefile

July 24, 2022
We'll take a close look at the terraform local backend file that gets created: `terraform.tfstate`. We'll show what happens when an explicit local backend is configured and the path is moved. Terraform is smart enough to migrate it. You should alw...

Terraform Intro: What is Terraform?

July 24, 2022
We'll explain what Terraform is. For context, we'll provide a high level overview of: * Infrastructure Orchestration Space: Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Google Deployment Manager * Configuration Management Space: Chef, Sa...

Terraform Custom Modules: How to Write One

July 24, 2022
We'll gently introduce and show you how to create your own custom terraform module. This is a key concept that allows you to create reusable configurations. * [Terraform Modules Docs](https://www.terraform.io/language/modules) * GitHub Repo: h...

Terraform Console: Useful for Debugging and Learning

July 24, 2022
We'll cover `terraform console`. This is particularly useful when first getting started with Terraform and learning. It's being introduced early. * Terraform Docs: [terraform console](https://www.terraform.io/cli/commands/console) * GitHub Rep...

Terraform Provider Docs Resources: Navigating and Learning Where to Go

July 24, 2022
We'll provide a gentle walkthrough to some of the Terraform Provider Docs. This helps you understand where and how to look up Terraform Resource documentation. * [Terraform AWS Provider Docs](https://registry.terraform.io/providers/hashicorp/aw...

Terraform Built-In Functions: Examples with Common Ones

July 24, 2022
We'll cover Terraform Built-In functions. * [Terraform Built-In functions Docs](https://www.terraform.io/language/functions) * [lookup](https://www.terraform.io/language/functions/lookup) * [concat](https://www.terraform.io/language/functions...

Terraform Locals: Example and Removing Duplication

July 24, 2022
We'll cover Terraform Locals. * [Terraform Locals Docs](https://www.terraform.io/language/values/locals) * GitHub Repo: https://github.com/boltops-learn/terraform-fundamentals-101/blob/main/terrraform-locals/main.tf

Terraform Outputs: Examples and Testing with Console

July 23, 2022
We'll cover Terraform Outputs. * [Terraform Outputs Docs](https://www.terraform.io/language/values/outputs) * GitHub Repo: https://github.com/boltops-learn/terraform-fundamentals-101/tree/main/terrraform-outputs

Terraform Tfvars: How to Set Variables

July 23, 2022
We'll introduce Terraform tfvars and cover different ways to use them. ## Related * [Terraform State](https://learn.boltops.com/curriculums/aws-and-terraform/courses/terraform-fundamentals-101/lessons/terraform-state-what-is-the-statefile) ...

Terraform Variables: Different Types with Examples

July 23, 2022
We'll introduce Terraform Variables and cover how they work. * Terraform Variables Docs: https://www.terraform.io/language/values/variables#tuple * GitHub Repo: https://github.com/boltops-learn/terraform-fundamentals-101/tree/main/terrraform-v...

Terraform Basics: Init, Plan, Apply, Destroy

July 23, 2022
We'll cover terraform basics. First, we'll cover how terraform evaluates the `.tf` files and naming conventions folks use in the real-world. We'll also core terraform commands: terraform init terraform plan terraform apply ...

Bitbucket CI Pipelines with Terraspace: 3 Different Example Pipelines

July 23, 2022
We'll show you how to setup Bitbucket CI Pipelines integration with Terraspace Cloud. We use Bitbucket Pipelines to set up CI with Terraspace. The workflow we used was: 1. **Pull Request**: Shows previews of changes using `terraspace plan` ...

GitLab CI Pipeline and Terraspace: 3 Different Example Pipelines

July 23, 2022
We'll cover how to set up Terraspace Cloud and GitLab CI. We use GitLab Pipelines to set up CI with Terraspace. The pipelines: 1. **Merge Request**: Shows previews of changes using `terraspace plan` 2. **Push or Branch**: Automatically upd...

Azure Pipelines CI with Terraspace

July 22, 2022
We'll cover how to set up Azure Pipelines CI with Terraspace. The pipelines: 1. **Branch Push Pipeline**: Shows previews of changes using `terraspace plan` on `TS_ENV=dev`. 2. **Main Branch Pipeline**: Automatically updates the infrastructure ...

GitHub Actions CI with Terraspace: 3 Different Example Workflows

July 22, 2022
We'll cover GitHub Actions CI integration with Terraspace Cloud. The workflows: 1. **Pull Request**: Shows previews of changes using `terraspace plan` 2. **Push**: Automatically updates the infrastructure using `terraspace up` on `TS_ENV=dev` ...

Azure Pipelines with Pull Request Workflow and Approve Step (Advanced)

July 22, 2022
We'll cover how to set up more advanced Azure Pipelines: * **Pull Request Workflow**: We'll use a Azure Branch Policy to trigger a `terraspace plan` on Pull Requests. You can fully restrict any `git push` to main and only permit PR changes or r...

Terraspace Cost Estimation: A Few Examples with $1,287/mo EC2 Example and Different EKS Clusters

July 22, 2022
We'll review the Terraspace Cost Estimation instructions and then do something fun. We'll see what some of the example modules from the Terraform Registry costs. The cost estimates 🤣 * ec2: $8.39/mo * complete ec2 example: **$1,287/mo** 😱 * e...

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