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Terraspace Testing Introduction: The Test Harness

July 19, 2021
We'll introduce Terraspace testing concepts and briefly walk through some sample code. Links: Terraspace Docs: Test Harness Concept

Terraspace Tfvars and Layering: Reusing Code

July 16, 2021
We'll cover how to reuse the same terraform code to create different environments like dev and prod. This is done with tfvars files. Teraspace adds a concept call layering to make it easy. Links: Terraspace Docs: Tfvars & Layering
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Terraform HCL Basic Components: Resources, Variables, Outputs

July 12, 2021
In this lesson, we'll cover the typical Terraform project structure, and provide a gentle introduction to Terraform resources, variables, and outputs. As a part of this, we'll also go through the starter commands: terraform init, apply, and destro...

Terraform HCL Loops With count and for_each

July 9, 2021
In this video, we'll cover Terraform looping constructs. Terraform is declarative, so it's looping structure may seem weird to those used to procedural programming loops. There are a few ways to performing looping with Terraform. We'll cover the l...
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Terraform HCL: Conditional Logic

July 9, 2021
We'll cover how to perform conditional logic with Terraform. It'll be a little weird looking for those who are not used to the Terraform declarative syntax. There are only a few ways to do conditional logic with Terraform. Links: Blog Post: Ter...
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Terraform HCL: The Function Analogy

July 9, 2021
We'll review the basic Terraform building blocks from the previous lesson that covers: Resources, Variables, Outputs, and compare them to a “function”. This is a contrived analogy, but folks find it helpful. You'll also learn about Terraform local...
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The House of Success

July 9, 2021
Cracking the code of successful Terraform usage is about establishing solid fundamentals. In this video, we'll talk about the typical hit-and-miss approach of random research, blogs, and trail and error that most suffer through. Eventually, you do...

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