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Terraform AWS AutoScaling with Mixed Instance Types

August 3, 2022
We'll create an AWS AutoScaling Group with Mixed Instance Types. This is one of my favorite stacks because it allows us to mix and match spot and on-demand instances. With spot, we can save 50-90%. Terraform AutoScaling Docs https://registry.t...

AWS AutoScaling Group with ELB: Popular Stack with Traditional VMs

December 17, 2021
Show you how to build an AutoScaling Group with an ELB. We'll create a Launch Template, Security Group, Application Load Balancer, and AutoScaling Group with Multiple Instance Types. We'll cover many details of each of the settings. Will also prov...

Google Virtual Machine with the Console

December 17, 2021
We'll build a Google VM with the Console. This is a great way to get started and learn how Virtual Machines work with Google Cloud. We'll cover how the startup script works with the VM. The startup script can be used to install your own custom sof...

AWS AutoScaling Spot Mixed Instance Types: Newer Way to Launch Instances

December 16, 2021
We'll build an AutoScaling Group with Mixed Instance Types. This allows you to use a combination of on-demand and spot instances. As a part of this, we'll define a Launch Template, since Mixed Instance Types are only supported with Launch Template...

AWS Launch Templates and a Single Instance with the Console: Useful to Avoid Manual Repetition

December 16, 2021
We'll introduce AWS Launch Templates. They can be used to launch an EC2 Instance, AutoScaling Group, or Spot Fleets. In this video, we'll create a single EC2 instance.

Azure Spot VM with the Portal

December 13, 2021
We'll create an Azure Spot Virtual Machine wth the Portal. Azure's Spot offering is different in that you'll need larger instance sizes for spot. We'll show you in the demo.

Google Preemptive VM or Spot Instance with the VM Console

December 13, 2021
We'll create a Google Preemptive VM, IE: Spot Instance. We’ll use the Google Console and review the price difference. You'll show you how much you can save.

AWS Spot Fleet with the EC2 Console

December 13, 2021
We'll create a Spot Fleet with the EC2 console. Spot fleets are very powerful. They create multiple EC2 instances and manage them. There are different Spot Request Types. We'll also review and explain them. Request Type Persistence instance...

Terraspace: EKS Spot Cluster with the Terraform Registry

November 20, 2021
We'll create an EKS Spot cluster. This is very useful to testing and savings 50% to 90% vs on-demand. Links: Terraform Registry EKS Module: terraform-aws-modules/eks/aws GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-aws-eks

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