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Custom Domains API Gateway with Ruby on Jets

January 3, 2024
We'll show how to set up a API Gateway Custom Domain with Jets. This gives us a friendlier endpoint to work with. GitHub: https://github.com/boltops-learn/demo-apigw-custom-domain

CloudFront with Ruby on Jets

December 17, 2023
We'll show how to do a blue-green deployment by switching the CloudFront origin. You'll see that CloudFront deploys faster than what is shown in the console. GitHub: https://github.com/boltops-learn/demo-apigw-custom-domain

Kingsman Authentication with Ruby on Jets

December 12, 2023
We''ll show you how to set up Kingsman Authentication. We'll install the gem Explain what it's doing Get signup, login, and logout working Resources Docs: https://docs.rubyonjets.com/docs/auth/kingsman/ GitHub: https://github.com/boltops-l...

Kingsman OmniAuth GitHub with Ruby on Jets

December 8, 2023
We'll show you how to setup Authentication OmniAuth Github with Kingsman. We'll create a test GitHub oauth app Grab the client id and client secret Configure Kingsman Should you how login and logout works with Github You'll be able to have an a...

Blue Green Deployments CloudFront and Ruby on Jets

December 8, 2023
We'll show one way to do a blue-green deployment with Ruby on Jets. We'll use CloudFront to control the switch over. CloudFront deploys faster nowadays than most people realize. Here's the bash loop I ran to see how long the switchover took. whil...

Terraspace Restricting Allowed Stacks for Specific Environments: Only Allow route53 to deploy Example

January 23, 2022
Covers how to allow and deny specific stacks for specific environments. Good examples are route53 and ACM certs for CloudFront. For the example, let's say you have these stacks: $ terraspace list app/stacks/route53 app/stacks/stack1 app/stacks/st...

Terraspace Tfvars Complex Types Transforming Data to Needed Structure Before Terraform Apply

January 9, 2022
When wiring terraform outputs to inputs between modules, sometimes the data structure is not exactly what you need. We'll show how to transform data structures in different ways. This can help you to reuse modules from the Terraform registry witho...

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