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Kubes GKE Ingress HTTPS External Load Balancer with a Manually Secret Resource

October 16, 2021
Shows you how to create an Google External Load Balancer and with a pre-created Kubernetes TLS Secret. Links: * GitHub: [boltops-learn/kubes-examples google/elb7-https-secret-manual](https://github.com/boltops-learn/kubes-examples/tree/maste...

How to Create a Google GKE Cluster with Console or CLI

October 23, 2021
Shows you how to create a GKE Cluster following the Google Docs Console instructions. This is a good place to start if you're starting off with GKE for the first time. Getting familiar with the Google Console helps establish fundamentals. Relev...
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Setting up Jenkins on GKE

November 12, 2021
We'll create a GKE cluster and set up Jenkins via helm. Links: * Google Cloud Docs: [Setting up Jenkins on Google Kubernetes Engine ](https://cloud.google.com/architecture/jenkins-on-kubernetes-engine-tutorial)

AWS EKS vs Azure AKS vs Google GKE

December 13, 2021
We'll cover the 3 different Kubernetes offerings from AWS, Azure and Google. We'll walk through each of their consoles, website interfaces, and explore how they work and compare. Repos used to create the 3 different clusters: * https://githu...

EKS: Self-Managed Nodes vs Managed Node Group vs AWS Fargate

January 6, 2022
We'll cover the different EKS Nodes and what they mean. Essentially, EKS manages Kubernetes-as-a-Service but this mainly means the Kubernetes control plane. You still need to provide compute nodes to your EKS cluster so they have the capacity to ...

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