Docker Compose with Django

Docker Compose with Django

December 25, 2021

We'll build a Django project from scratch and get it working locally first. Then we'll Dockerize and get it working with docker-compose.yml. Found this is more useful and the typical steps folks take to setting up Docker Compose.

Docker Compose Commands

docker-compose build
docker-compose up
docker-compose exec web


docker-compose start
docker-compose stop

Docker Commands

docker build -t boltops/docker-compose-django .
docker run boltops/docker-compose-django
docker push boltops/docker-compose-django

Python Commands Summary

Build Project

django-admin startproject mysite
vim requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements.txt
vim mysite/ # change db, dont forget import os
python runserver
mysql -uroot -e 'create database mysite_development'
python migrate

Add polls app

python startapp polls
vim polls/
vim polls/
vim mysite/ # install app
python makemigrations polls
python sqlmigrate polls 0001
python migrate
python shell

Shell Testing

from polls.models import Choice, Question

Create admin user

python createsuperuser


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