Terraspace Cost Estimation: A Few Examples with $1,287/mo EC2 Example and Different EKS Clusters

July 22, 2022

We'll review the Terraspace Cost Estimation instructions and then do something fun. We'll see what some of the example modules from the Terraform Registry costs. The cost estimates 🤣

  • ec2: $8.39/mo
  • complete ec2 example: $1,287/mo 😱
  • ecs-spot: $141.58/mo
  • ecs-fargate: $142.30/mo - Note there are nuances with the fargate pricing. You'll pay what you use for. Generally, it's more expensive since there's an overhead for the price of convenience
  • ecs-managed-node-group: $176.95/mo - Note, to be fair there are 2 node groups in this example. It's an extra $35/mo for the additional node group.

Related: EKS: Self-Managed Nodes vs Managed Node Group vs AWS Fargate

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