EKS RBAC: An Approach and Strategy with Examples

EKS RBAC: An Approach and Strategy with Examples

November 21, 2021

Shows an RBAC management approach and strategy. We cover ClusterRole, ClusterRoleBinding, Role, and RoleBinding.

The setup looks like this:


User Description
test-admin Full access to all resources.
test-read-all Read access to all resources.
test-app1-dev-read Read access to app1 dev.
test-app2-dev-write Write access to app2 dev.
test-app2-owner Read access to all resources and full access to app2 for prod and dev.


Deployment Namespace
web app1-dev
web app1-prod
web app2-dev
web app2-prod

Useful Commands

kubectl auth can-i get pods --all-namespaces
kubectl auth can-i '*' '*'
kubectl auth can-i create pods --all-namespaces
kubectl auth can-i create '*' '*'


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