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Terraspace Quick Start

November 28, 2020
In this Terraspace Quick Start video, we'll show you how to get started with Terraspace quickly. We'll cover: modules and stacks custom hooks custom args multiple environments like dev and prod multiple regions like us-west-1 and us-west-2

Terraspace Tfvars and Layering: Reusing Code

July 16, 2021
We'll cover how to reuse the same terraform code to create different environments like dev and prod. This is done with tfvars files. Teraspace adds a concept call layering to make it easy. Links: Terraspace Docs: Tfvars & Layering
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Terraspace Generators: Going Through a Few Examples

July 18, 2021
Terraspace has several generators. We'll cover them so you know that they're available and are helpful to getting started. Links: Terraspace Docs: Generators

Terraspace Hooks: Add Custom Logic and Scripts for Terraform Plan, Apply, Destroy and Other Commands

July 18, 2021
How to customize terraspace workflow with hooks. You can hook before or after any terraform command like terraform apply, terraform init. You can also hook into terraspace commands like terraspace build. Links: Terraspace Docs: Hooks

Terraspace Customizing Terraform Args: Spare Yourself From Typing CLI Args Over and Over

July 18, 2021
Terraspace supports customizing the args passed to the terraform commands. We'll learn how to configure the terraform args. Links: Terraspace Docs: Custom Args

Terraspace All Background Info: Why Terraform Itself Recommends Separate Stacks

July 18, 2021
We'll introduce terraspace all and cover some background information about it. For example, it helps stick to terraform recommendations on how to organize your code. Links: Terraspace Docs: Deploy All

Terraspace All: A Full Walkthrough and Demo of Deploying Multiple Stacks with a Single Command

July 18, 2021
A full walkthrough of the terraspace all command with example project. Links: Terraspace Docs: Deploy Multiple Stacks

Terraspace Using Custom Helpers to Extend the Framework: Define Your Own Methods

July 18, 2021
We'll show you how to extend the Terraspace framework with your own helper methods. Links: Terraspace Docs: Custom Helpers

Terraspace Use Different Modules for dev and prod with Terraform

July 18, 2021
You'll learn how to pin down different version numbers of the same module for dev and prod environments. Links: Terraspace Docs: Different Module Versions for Dev and Prod

Terraspace Testing Introduction: The Test Harness

July 19, 2021
We'll introduce Terraspace testing concepts and briefly walk through some sample code. Links: Terraspace Docs: Test Harness Concept

Terraspace Testing: How to Test Terraform Modules

July 26, 2021
We'll cover how to test a Terraform module with Terraspace. Links: Terraspace Docs: Module-Level Testing

Terraspace Testing: How to Test Terraspace Stacks

July 26, 2021
We'll cover how to test a Terraspace stack. Links: Terraspace Docs: Stack-Level Testing

Terraspace Testing: How to Test Custom Helpers

July 26, 2021
We'll cover how to test a custom helper with Terraspace project-level tests. Links: Terraspace Docs: Project-Level Testing

Terrafile Introduction: Centrally Manage Terraform Modules

August 25, 2021
We'll cover the introductory concepts for the Terraspace Terrafile. The Terrafile approach simplifies managing Terraform module versions. The advantage of using a Terrafile is centralization. You centrally define, manage, and update modules. No ...

Terrafile GitHub Example

August 25, 2021
We'll demo and go through an Terrafile example with a GitHub source Links: Terraspace Docs: Git

Terrafile Terraform Registry Example

August 25, 2021
We'll demo and go through an Terrafile example with a Terraform Registry source Links: Terraspace Docs: Terraform Registry

Terrafile Stack Option

August 25, 2021
We'll cover what the Stack Option is and how it can save you time when trying out examples. Note: The terraspace bundle example command is a generally better approach than the stack option. Links: Terraspace Docs: Terrafile Stack Option

Terraspace: AWS VPC with the Terraform Registry Module

October 1, 2021
We'll build a VPC using the popular terraform-aws-modules/vpc registry module. This is the most popular and downloaded module on the planet. Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-aws-vpc Terraform Registry VPC module: boltops-learn/terraspace...

Terraform Registry: Navigating and Module Structure

October 2, 2021
We'll learn about the Terraform Registry and show you how to navigate through it. We'll also cover basic module structure. Links: Terraspace Registry
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Terraspace: EC2 Instance with aws_instance Terraform Resource

October 3, 2021
We'll build an EC2 instance with the native terraform aws_instance resource. We'll build the project from scratch. Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-aws-instance Terraform Docs: aws_instance Terraform Docs: template_file rendered

Terraspace: EC2 Instance with the Terraform Registry Module

October 3, 2021
We'll build an EC2 instance with the terraform-aws-modules/ec2-instance registry module. Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-aws-ec2 Terraform Registry module: terraform-aws-modules/ec2-instance Terraform aws_instance docs: aws_instance Ter...

Terraspace: RDS MySQL Database with aws_db_instance Terraform Resource

October 4, 2021
We'll build an RDS MySQL Database with the aws_db_instance resource. To test, we’ll connect to the launched DB with the mysql client and confirm it actually works. Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-aws-db-instance Terraform Docs: aws_db_...

Terraspace GKE Cluster with the google_container_cluster Terraform Resource

November 15, 2021
We'll build a GKE cluster with the terraform google_container_cluster resource method. Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-google-gke-hashicorp-guide Terraform Docs google_container_cluster boltops-learn/kubernetes-examples

Terraspace: Google Network with google_compute_network Terraform Resource

November 16, 2021
We'll build a Google Network with basic terraform resource components. Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-google-network terraform google_compute_network terraform google_compute_subnetwork terraform google_compute_router_nat

Terraspace Google Network with the Terraform Registry Module

November 16, 2021
We'll build a Google Network with the popular Terraform Network Module Links: GitHub: boltops-learn/terraspace-google-network-registry
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