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Account Structure Hierarchies AWS vs Azure vs Google

January 27, 2022
We'll cover the different ways and names that cloud providers use to organize the account structure.

Azure MySQL Flexible vs Single Server Offerings: Flexible Basically Provides HA Option

February 4, 2022
We'll cover the difference between the Azure MySQL Flexible vs Single Server offerings. * The Flexible Server is similar to AWS RDS Multi-AZ. So it provides a failover standby for High Availability, HA. Though it may remind AWS users of Aurora,...

Azure Resource Groups Intro: What They Are and How to Use Them

June 11, 2022
We'll cover what Azure Resource Groups are and how to use them. After using them here are some learnings and thoughts.

Azure Uniform vs Flexible Scale Sets: Uniform Are Hidden and Flexible Are Shown

June 13, 2022
Explains the differences between Azure Uniform and Flexible Scale Sets. * Uniform Scale Sets: VMs are hidden and abstracted out away. You don't see them and cannot edit them directly. * Flexible Scale Sets: VMs are first-class citizens and sho...

Azure Pipelines with Pull Request Workflow and Approve Step (Advanced)

July 22, 2022
We'll cover how to set up more advanced Azure Pipelines: * **Pull Request Workflow**: We'll use a Azure Branch Policy to trigger a `terraspace plan` on Pull Requests. You can fully restrict any `git push` to main and only permit PR changes or r...

Azure Pipelines CI with Terraspace

July 22, 2022
We'll cover how to set up Azure Pipelines CI with Terraspace. The pipelines: 1. **Branch Push Pipeline**: Shows previews of changes using `terraspace plan` on `TS_ENV=dev`. 2. **Main Branch Pipeline**: Automatically updates the infrastructure ...

Terraform Intro: What is Terraform?

July 24, 2022
We'll explain what Terraform is. For context, we'll provide a high level overview of: * Infrastructure Orchestration Space: Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Google Deployment Manager * Configuration Management Space: Chef, Sa...

AWS CloudFormation High-Level Introduction

August 3, 2022
In this introduction we'll talk about what CloudFormation is at a high-level. Note, video is more theoretical than practical hands-on like most other videos. It's quite useful though for those who are just getting started. We'll provide backgro...

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