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AWS CloudFormation Intro: CLI Tutorial

August 3, 2022
We'll provide a general introduction with the AWS CloudFormation CLI. This is right up the alley for those who are used to using the CLI. Links https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSCloudFormation/latest/UserGuide/aws-properties-ec2-instance.html#cfn-...

AWS CloudFormation: Webserver EC2 Instance and Security Group

August 4, 2022
In this video, we'll walk you through a real-world situation where: You'll download an existing CloudFormation template Review it Update and fix it so it works We'll install apache with UserData and show you how to ssh into the instance and de...

AWS CloudFormation Resources

August 4, 2022
We'll introduce the resources section of CloudFormation template. This is the only required section and hence is a good starting point. We'll create a security group because: required: At least one actual resource is required by CloudFormation. ...
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AWS CloudFormation Parameters

August 4, 2022
CloudFormation parameters are essentially inputs to the CloudFormation template. They allow you to reuse the same template and create different stacks. Links GitHub Repo https://github.com/boltops-learn/cloudformation-fundamentals-101/tree/mai...

AWS CloudFormation Outputs

August 4, 2022
AWS CloudFormation Outputs are like "return values". For the most part, people use them to surface useful attributes to the AWS CloudFormation management console. Links GitHub Repo https://github.com/boltops-learn/cloudformation-fundamentals-10...

AWS CloudFormation Mappings

August 4, 2022
AWS CloudFormation mappings are like a 2-level case statement or hash or dictionary or map. The data structure allows you to perform some logic and grab elements out of this structure. It's usual use to grab a region specific AMI. We'll provide a...

AWS CloudFormation Pseudo Parameters

August 4, 2022
CloudFormation pseudo-parameters are parameters that are not defined by you, they are defined by CloudFormation. You reference or use them just like normal parameters though. They're common used and seen in a lot of CloudFormation templates. Link...

AWS CloudFormation Conditions and Condition Functions

August 4, 2022
Conditions and Condition Functions are how you perform conditional logic with CloudFormation. They are pretty weird because of the declarative nature of CloudFormation. The Condition is a way to capture a result of a Condition Functions in a "vari...

AWS CloudFormation SSM Parameter Types

August 4, 2022
AWS CloudFormation SSM Parameter Types is a special type of parameter that allows you reference SSM Param Store values. This is useful to reference the latest Amazon Linux 2 AMI published by AWS. We'll cover it and shows how much it simplifies you...

AWS CloudFormation Intrinsic Functions

August 4, 2022
CloudFormation Intrinsic Functions are built-in functions that allow you to perform some logic. They're quite useful and you'll see them out in the wild being used so it's good to get to know them. CloudFormation Docs Intrinsic Functions EC2 Se...

aws cloudformation package

August 11, 2022
We'll cover the command aws cloudformation package Links aws cloudformation package aws cloudformation deploy AWS CloudFormation Lambda GitHub Repo: https://github.com/boltops-learn/cloudformation-fundamentals-102/tree/main/cloudformation-packa...

aws cloudformation deploy

August 12, 2022
We'll cover the CLI command aws cloudformation deploy We'll also discuss how it's different from the commands aws cloudformation create-stack aws cloudformation update-stack Links AWS CLI Docs: aws cloudformation deploy GitHub Repo: https://g...

AWS CloudFormation Change Sets

August 12, 2022
We'll cover CloudFormation Change Sets. It allows you to preview what CloudFormation will do before having to press the scary big red button. For those coming from different worlds: Tool Name CloudFormation Change Sets Terraform plan Ch...

AWS CloudFormation Drift Detection

August 12, 2022
We'll explain what AWS CloudFormation Drift Detection is and how it works. It's similar to terraform plan but there are some differences. We'll cover the nuances, differences and walk through an example. Links AWS CloudFormation Docs Using Stac...

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