Azure Pipelines CI with Terraspace

Azure Pipelines CI with Terraspace

July 22, 2022

We'll cover how to set up Azure Pipelines CI with Terraspace. The pipelines:

  1. Branch Push Pipeline: Shows previews of changes using terraspace plan on TS_ENV=dev.
  2. Main Branch Pipeline: Automatically updates the infrastructure using terraspace up on TS_ENV=dev
  3. Manual Pipeline: We used a generalized pipeline that can be run manually with any command and TS_ENV. It defaults to a terraspace plan demo on the TS_ENV=prod environment.

These Azure pipelines are only some of many possibilities. You have full control over the pipeline and can adjust it to your needs. You can run terraspace up multiple times or use terraspace all.

GitRepo Repo: boltops-learn/terraspace-ci-azure-pipelines

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