Terraspace Google Secret Manager

Terraspace Google Secret Manager

January 4, 2022

Show you how to use Google Secret Manager with Terraspace. This allows to you to not have any secret information like passwords in your Terraform source code.

CLI Commands

In the video, we mainly focused on learning and using the Google Console. Once you get used to it, here was also some useful CLI Commands:

gcloud secrets create demo-dev-pass
gcloud secrets create demo-dev-user
echo -n bob > /tmp/demo-dev-user.txt
echo -n secret1 > /tmp/demo-dev-pass.txt
gcloud secrets versions add demo-dev-user --data-file=/tmp/demo-dev-user.txt
gcloud secrets versions add demo-dev-pass --data-file=/tmp/demo-dev-pass.txt
gcloud secrets versions access latest --secret demo-dev-pass
gcloud secrets versions access latest --secret demo-dev-user


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